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What are my.uaeu & Site Studio ?

Both the my.uaeu Web Portal, and the Web Site Studio are new projects at the UAE University. The portal has been live since April 2007, and we plan for the Web Studio to go live before the end of Fall semester 2007.

Both projects are part of the IBIS implementation, in partnership with SungardHE. Both systems, my.uaeu portal and Site Studio are Luminis Products.

Read on to learn about my.uaeu and Site Studio benefits for your UAEU communication needs.


About my.uaeu

The my.uaeu Web Portal brings together in a Single Login your UAEU Announcements, Webmail, eServices, Blackboard, Personal & Department Calendars, and UAEU Online Groups.

It is internal and available for all departments and colleges, allowing you to make messages and channels that are only for UAEU circulation, ie not for the public.

We will be launching the first ever UAE University Intranet by the end of 2007, and training more departments on how to share information and services using the intranet throughout 2008.

The intranet will appear inside the my.uaeu portal and offers a lot of features for Colleges and Departments.


Benefit of my.uaeu portal:

Some of the advantages of my.uaeu compared to non - University Wide portal systems include:

  1. A single login - one address, one site - only at one place, never changing - 
  2. Multiple UAEU services - quick, transparent access to Blackboard, eServices, Webmail and more
  3. Easy access  - one username and password for everything!
  4. Transparent support from UAEU Helpdesk
  5. Targeted Announcements - specific messages can be sent to students, faculty, groups and majors
  6. Free online Calendars - share with classmates, colleagues, & departments , or a personal calendar for yourself
  7. Online UAEU Groups - for discussing, sharing files ... great for department communication
  8. Group People Lists - see the names of people in the group and replace your old emailing lists, updating them yourself as quick as you like
  9. Choose your Channels - get blocks of information from various UAEU Departments & Schools
  10. Get your eServices - register for courses, get salary slips every month & much more


About Site Studio

The Site Studio allows us to quickly set up and publish internet, intranet and portal content for the whole university. Department staff, whether skilled at IT or message writing, can learn to update and refresh notices, messages, announcements and much more. Training takes less than a day to get started.

It is a fast and efficient way to make sure your messages go out on time - to your public website, or to our new UAEU intranet via my.uaeu portal.


Benefits of Site Studio for Department Sites:

We are moving the focus onto message, away from technology itself. Some of the advantages of working with us & the Site Studio, compared to other website systems & technically centred projects include:

  • Easy to learn - make simple dept web pages within an hour!
  • No html skills needed - focus on the message, not the computer code!
  • Get the right people writing your message
  • Online Training Materials and Support - see the movies on this site to get going
  • Reduce time taken to get public web page updated - simply do it yourself, no chain of contacts
  • Share the workload across many people - IT and/or "Message" focused staff
  • Have 5 people work on site pages to keep them up to date & fresh
  • Integration with my.uaeu portal - publish internally, or for the public
  • Share styles, share look and feel - its all pre built for you
  • UAEU Web team follow international styles, readable fonts, no flashing graphics ... learn more?
  • Standards based usability - all links titled, pictures labelled, user focused .. we can show you how
  • Customise your departments images and banner - easy to set up
  • Bring the University together with one brand and many sites
  • Manage your dept websites & contributors, appoint a coordinator
  • Add a manager approval process before go-live - again all pre built for you!
  • Standard University wide navigation menus, search and common UAEU links means people know how to use your department site and find what they need ... quickly! They see the same look & styles again and again, and quickly learn how to find UAEU info.


This sounds great - how do I get started?

Any student, employee or faculty member can use  - simply login with your UAEU Webmail username and password

For the Web Site Studio - to access and read pages, you don't need to login. For example, this page is built using the Site Studio - looks just like a normal web page, right?

However, if you are responsible for maintaining & updating UAE University Web pages and sites, you must set up your Site Studio Access rights in advance.

Be sure to use the Support section at the bottom of this page if you have any questions.


Training Support

This page is intended for UAEU employees or students who wish to learn more about using my.uaeu and Site Studio features.

To access the my.uaeu, simply login to with your webmail account!

To inquire about using Site Studio for your department, contact titling your email "Luminis Site Studio Tools"




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This page is last updated on the 03rd of May, 2007